Subliminal Records is back. Yes, you read that right: the super-influential New York house and tech imprint is returning after a hiatus with some serious bang for your buck.

And the pioneering label boss Erick Morillo couldn’t be more thrilled by what he has up his sleeve for 2015 and beyond. “It’s going to be great music from house to techno – a little bit of everything,” he says. “We’re going to be releasing lots of records from different people.

With a super-successful summer spent in and out of Space, Ibiza with Luciano’s Cadenza party, as well as key shows from Marquee in New York and LIV in Miami to Avalon in LA and back, Erick is firing on all cylinders. He has several original productions and key collaborations that have now dropped, including ‘Something For Carl Cox’, a fun techno jam that Erick made for, well, guess who, a searing deep house club track called ‘The Restorer’ and another with Harry Romero called ‘Going To LA’. And he also has a solo double-header dropping on Subliminal Records in November. “I’m releasing a two part EP titled Limitless which will consist of a track titled ‘I Want You’ followed by ‘Trapped’ - both great records,” he nods.

And the label is also gearing up for some major moves at the start of 2016. A-List artists such as Kolsch, Nic Fanciulli and The Martinez Brothers will be remixing the very best of the classic catalogue, alongside electronic newcomers like Andre Hommen. “I’m really excited about this project as it will re-introduce the classic Subliminal sound with a modern twist to the younger generation. There are also several collaborations in the works with the likes of Jamie Jones, Harry Romero and Eddie Thoneick.

“In the past, we sometimes went for quantity as much as quality but now we’re only focusing on quality releases, whatever the genre,” adds Erick. “This time, I can promise you that all our output will be ridiculous. House with good drops don’t seem to exist any more – its either deep house, progressive house or tech house and I want to bring that real house back - to where it used to be.” 


Sondos is the tribal/tech offshoot of New Jersey house imprint Subliminal set up by Erick Morillo back in 2001. The biggest releases on the label included 'Welcome To The Jungle' (recently revived by Andrea Oliva) and 'Insatiable' by E-Smoove (performing here as Thick Dick), 'Suck My Clock' by Harry Choo Choo Romero (here under his HCCR guise) as well as further releases from Jose Nunez, Cevin Fisher and Antranig. As that sound comes full circle, listen out for brand new remixes of Sondos classics from some of today's hottest producers later in 2016.


Now five years deep, Power Plant is the Berlin-based, Swedish imprint run by Sanna 'La Fleur' Engdahl. Over the course of the past five and a half seasons, her music, ethos and artwork have combined on a series of on-point electronic vinyl releases; in fact, each 12" comes with special cover artwork from an illustrator which connects the idea and form to the music. As well as key releases from Sanna herself (including 'Feline' and the anthemic 'Flowerhead', with new remixes coming on the incoming re-release), further releases have come from Jesper Ryom, Justin Massei and Acid Mondays. There's plenty more to come from Power Plant in 2016, so keep your ears to the (under)ground.